Policy and Research Consulting Services

Connecting communities to public policy and research 


Accessible technical support and practical advice for organizations and groups 

ELEVATE POLICY is a consulting platform that provides policy and research services to organizations and groups in Toronto. Working with ELEVATE POLICY can enhance your impact, reach, and ability to influence change.

ELEVATE POLICY is built on the idea that local communities and organizations, and groups should be connected to public policy. Navigating the technical and strategic aspects of policy can be challenging, and this is where ELEVATE POLICY can assist in building the foundations and policy toolkit that best suits the needs of your organization or group.

Services are customizable, based on the goals and objectives your organization or group would like to achieve. ELEVATE POLICY offers the following consulting services:

  • Policy development, analysis, and monitoring

  • Government Relations support

  • Research support






Areas of Practice

policy development, analysis AND MONITORING

Access technical and strategic policy analysis services to help you navigate the policy process. Technical services include the creation of policy documents such as briefing notes, policy positions, policy briefs, and policy reports, in addition to monitoring key policy developments. Strategic services include policy planning, engagement, and knowledge mobilization.

government relations support 

ELEVATE POLICY can assist your organization or group to develop and implement a plan for government relations. Access advice about strategic approaches to engaging government for enhanced impact.

research support 

Research support includes academic, public sector, and community research analysis to enhance your organization or group’s knowledge and expertise across issues. This may include writing literature reviews, research reports, and various other research functions.

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